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Guest Speakers

Discover what it takes to grow influence on a variety of platforms by learning from established influencers.

Community platforms are evolving fast! Get to know the latest tools and strategies influencers are doing today to keep them ahead of the curve.

Meet other influencers and aspiring influencers so you can surround yourself by people who will lift you up.


Our community is made up of hundreds of influencers and thought leaders!

Kevin Crawford

130,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Jeff Sheehan

340,000+ Twitter Followers

Leo York

Branding & Writing

Leo is a copywriter, ghostwriter, podcaster, and invention consultant.

Diane Bogino

Interviews entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

My goal is to help entrepreneurs promote and grow their business. 

Chantel Thompson

LinkedIn Expert

Mary Leone

Diversity Outreach Partners

A Talent Acquisition leader with a passion for diversity recruiting. She recently co-founded Diversity Outreach Partners.

Jim Fuhs

Live Streaming Expert

Marketing the Marine Corps Way | Virtual Event Producer | Livestreamer | Podcaster | Digital Marketing Consultant

Chris Stone

Live Stream Expert

Sabby BG

270,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Shaun Kelly

2 YouTube Channels

Nate G

Successful Podcaster

Carolyn Owens


Mike Peace

35,000+ YouTube Subscribers


The Advocate of Awesome

Jeremy Segal

Growing Influence & Community

Jeremy's grown over 200,000 social followers. Hosts the Why Influence Podcast. Manages weekly events for large Social Media Influencers.


"Absolutely loved this and so glad to have been apart of!" - Erika

"Thanks for making this all happen -- always valuable time spent!" - Todd

"Excellent, enjoyed it!" - Chantel

"This was a great first time experience. I look forward to participating in future events." - Sophia

"This is a great meetup group. Keep up the terrific work." - Tim

"Phenomenal meeting and great meeting planning! This is infinitely better than the other YouTube groups I've been a part of. Please keep up the great work! This is awesome." - Pedro

"The breakout room rotation was a great way to meet people." - Trenton

"I had the opportunity to meet other creators and hear about their concerns." - Danni

"I appreciate the warm welcome into the group! Definitely appreciate the culture you have helped form within this creator's group." - Vincent

"I'm pleasantly surprised at how this meetup has gotten stronger in terms of overall value, participation and service." - Chris

"Nice meet up and it seems like a great group of people to gain knowledge from." - Cassie

"Great meetup!" - Mohua


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